Why Chikyu Skin Care Believes in Rediscovering Where We Once Were

The world as we know it today is quite different then it was thousands of years ago.  Then, humans who roamed the earth used our planets resources frugally to aide in the caring, feeding and healing of the body.  Today, because of consumer demands, our resources are now being exploited and polluted with many mass produced, chemical based products all across the spectrum e.g., food, health, pharmaceutical skincare and industrial industries.  These same industries who claim to be on the side of the consumers notoriously disguise ingredients under the guise of different names, or with clever marketing entice consumers without concern on how it will affect the consumer. When seem to live in a society that is either unaware, or is supportive of the use of synthetic chemicals without truly understanding the long term affects a chemically induced society will have on the world as a whole.

Many of the products we come in contact with have some form of synthetic chemicals; anywhere from cosmetics, mouthwashes, toothpastes, shampoos, body products, furniture, rugs, clothing, walls, etc., the list is endless.   Approximately 60-70% of what we put onto our skin will be absorbed and processed through our blood stream, this of course does not account for that which we breath in or the food we eat.  Once this occurs, our bodies fatty tissues etc., will store it.  This means, with many of the products out on the market today (yes, this includes high end ones), containing artificial fragrances and a large number of synthetic chemicals e.g., parabens, triethanolmine, formaldehyde, sulfates etc., as primary ingredients, your overall wellness may very well be affected.  With this in mind, it is imperative you become proactive by way of educating themselves on the ingredients in the products you intend to purchase.

Our world is extraordinary, just as we humans who walk the earth.  The resources from our earth are all living, not so with anything man-made.  Stepping back in time to bring forth the riches of what nature offers is not only crucial, but is what will aide in overall wellness and longevity.

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