The Underrated Importance of Diet and Water

We all know the importance of eating a whole foods diet, but understanding how fundamentally important a good diet is for the skin is another story.  Countless times I’m asked which of Chikyu’s products will work best for the skin, and my first initial response is to inquire as to what products they are currently using, followed by the eating habits and if one is consuming enough water throughout the day. Regardless of your skin type i.e. whether it be oily, combination, sensitive or dry, to understand the process of healthy skin, one must consider the following;

Diet: Eating a mineral rich diet packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients consisting of dark, leafy greens as well as cruciferous greens like broccoli, kale and seaweed,are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  Greens are important and I believe are seriously lacking in most Western diets. The nutrients contained in greens help strengthen the building blocks which form the skin cells from the inside out, where not even the best topical delivery system can penetrate. In addition, greens are also known to be extremely hydrating, contain abundant amounts of fiber and enzymes, and provide nourishment for healthy gut flora, which is very important for healthy skin.  After years of research, science now has the data to prove the gut plays a fundamental role in maintaining healthy skin.  Ever notice when you’re constipated, or have a stomach ailment your skin becomes parched, blotchy or you experience breakouts? This is due in part because the stomach is imbalanced.

Drink more water: One would think this is obvious and may even sound redundant, but I can’t tell you how many people overlook and/or underestimate the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day.  Believe me when I say that consuming enough water benefits the skin in several ways; First, it helps the skin stay hydrated thereby keeping the skin tone, supple, healthy and vibrant.  Second, while you may think by simply applying moisturizers alone will provide adequate hydration and prevent transdermal water loss, doing so is only addressing the outermost layers of the skin.

Environment: A dry, arid climate can wreak havoc on the skin just as much as air conditioning and central heating. Not only is it important to drink plenty of water (even in the colder months), but adjusting your moisturizer depending on the climate is just as important.

Basically in a nut shell, if the body is dehydrated, the skin will always shows it. By this I mean, the skin appears lackluster, flaky and tight; fine lines and wrinkles are more evident and it becomes irritated more easily. On the body, the skin is flaky, itchy, and may even crack. While certain skin ingredients and medications can over dry skin, a dehydrated body is the number one cause of dehydrated skin.

The majority of people are chronically dehydrated because they do not drink enough pure, clear water. Water is the only substance we ingest that does not involve the process of digestion – needed water goes to internal organs, helps maintain healthy blood circulation, and also helps flushes out toxins. Tea, coffee, juices, soups, or any other beverage or liquid food is exactly that – food. It goes through the process of digestion similar to food and much of the water in those foods is used by the body to aid in that process – not to hydrate the other internal organs, help the blood deliver nourishment to the skin, or help the body purge itself of toxins and impurities.

So remember, be kind to your skin and body and drink water throughout the day and as your mother would say; “don’t forget to eat your greens!”

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