Thank you for stopping by CHIKYU, earth’s mindful skincare. Our philosophy here at CHIKYU is to provide consumers with affordable, natural and high quality organic products without the steep price tag. ¬†One of the reasons CHIKYU can do this is because we limit our product packaging and like to keep things pure and simple. ¬†Relish what earth has intended for you to do all along because simplicity is purity!

Should you need any additional information, or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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  1. I just want to say THANK YOU! I love all of your products and I keep coming back for more. I’m pretty sure I just placed my third order within the last 3 weeks so I’m sorry if I’m annoying with how many packages alone you send to me. The products are amazing and I share them with anyone that will listen! Please don’t every stop!

  2. Your products are really wonderful. Thank you for the care you take with the items I’ve received and even with the packaging! Worry not. I do reuse those pretty wrappings. I also appreciate the samples you sent. As you’ll see from today’s order, I’ve reordered the body powder and a full size of the skin serum. One slight note for you: I tried the citrus hair and body wash but found it a little itchy. I must be mildly allergic to something in that product. Nothing severe, but I had to forego that one though I loved its scent. Again, thank you so much for your work.

  3. Want to say thank you again for your wonderful products. The GLOW serum has really helped with dry winter air and I LOVE the soft soap (you already know I love the body powder, too). My sister wrote me a special note to say she really enjoyed the body butter with lemongrass that I sent to her. She is easily overpowered by scents but said your amount of essential was perfect for her.

    1. You are most certainly welcome Sandra and thank you for your continued support of Chikyu which continues to humble me. Nothing pleases me more than know Chikyu products are loved just as much as I love creating them!

  4. Hello, hope all is well with you and your store. I wanted to see when you might be getting more of the body powders in stock. We love them! Thank you very much and take good care, Aurora

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