Thank you for stopping by CHIKYU, earth’s mindful skincare. Our philosophy here at CHIKYU is to provide consumers with affordable, natural and high quality organic products without the steep price tag. ¬†One of the reasons CHIKYU can do this is because we limit our product packaging and like to keep things pure and simple. ¬†Relish what earth has intended for you to do all along because simplicity is purity!

Should you need any additional information, or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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  1. I just want to say THANK YOU! I love all of your products and I keep coming back for more. I’m pretty sure I just placed my third order within the last 3 weeks so I’m sorry if I’m annoying with how many packages alone you send to me. The products are amazing and I share them with anyone that will listen! Please don’t every stop!

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