Thoughts on Aging

I am frequently asked my thoughts and opinion on how to slow down the aging process and how to bring back the youthful look. Well for starters, I give the advice my mother always gave me and that is to stay out of the sun (especially in the younger years, and yes this includes tanning beds). The UV rays are incredibly damaging to the skin and you won’t see the damage until you hit you 30+ when age spots and wrinkles start to appear. If you do go in the sun, protect your skin!

Second, if you have oily skin be thankful! Too many people are taught to believe having dry skin is best when in actuality, your skin should be supple. Dry skin will eventually cause fine lines to start early and if you do have dry skin, moisturizing the skin and keeping it moisturized is imperative.  So bear in mind, when cleansing your face, don’t cleanse it to the point that it is stripped of its natural oils.

Drink lots of water daily to keep the body hydrated as well as cleansed of impurities.

Eat fresh whole foods daily NOT processed foods or sugary foods. Sugar is an inflammatory and can wreak havoc on your body as well as the skin. If you suffer from acne, sugar (because it’s an inflammatory), will exacerbate it. Cook your own food from scratch as opposed to eating out. This way you can control what you are eating. Remember, what you put in your body will show on the outside.

Move the body! The body isn’t meant to be sedentary. The blood needs to flow, legs need to move, the heart needs to pump and the lungs need to fill with air! Take a daily walk, trek up a mountain, explore new things… view the world through the lens of child!

Genetics plays a huge factor in your aging process. My mother who is Japanese always looked 20–25 years younger than she was, and my dad who is German the very same. They both took care of themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

Age is just a number!  If you believe you’re old, then your mind will convince you that you are. You are what you think! Live life as opposed to simply existing and live by your own terms and not by the opinion of others. Don’t allow society, e.g., commercials, anti-aging adds or negative comments, dictate how you should look or feel about yourself.  Remember, what you see in magazines, on the internet and television have all been manipulated to SELL an image and/or product.

You only have one body to get you through this lifetime, so treat it with kindness and respect and don’t worry too much about aging (it’s inevitable), and simply live life!

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