The Benefits of Using Toners

It comes as no surprise that the use of Toners (also known as Lotions in the Eastern cultures), is on the rise here in the Western world.  There are many active benefits when implementing Toners into a skin care regimen, especially when applied as a base layer for your serums, eye treatments, moisturizers and makeup.  Contrary to popular belief, good Toners can stabilize your skins pH thereby replenishing moisture levels leaving the skin feeling and looking fresher.

Because Toners do not change the efficacy of skin care products, but rather aide with its application and use, they can help with penetration of the key active ingredients of the products being used.   In addition, Toners refresh and dispense much-needed botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and hydrators into the skin.  Some Toners like CHIKYU’s Sea Mist, may be used for all skin types while other varieties of CHIKYU Toners were developed to target specific skin types to bring sebum protection into control, increase dermal vitality, dispense anti-aging ingredients into the skin, increasing hydration, calm redness and sooth inflammation.

At the end of the day, bringing the imbalanced skin back into balance is one of the most crucial elements in skin care, and using the correct Toner can be an appreciated benefit to restore and balance our largest breathing organ; our skin.

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