Utsukushii “INDIGO Elixir” – Fortifying Night Oil

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Utsukushii “INDIGO Elixir” – Fortifying Night Oil

Wake up to a more refreshed and luminous complexion with Chikyu’s Utsukushii “INDIGO Elixir.” This weightless oil was created to work during the night when the skin is most receptive to restore the vitality of tired skin from daily aggressors. Utsukushii “INDIGO” is enriched with precious botanicals working synergistically with skin brighteners and peptides, as well as potent anti-oxidants to fuel and transform skin. Utsukushii is to be beautiful!

Available Sizes:
1oz (Full Size)
.25ml (Trial Size/Miniature)
1.5ml (Sample)

📪 NOTE: If ordering a “Trial/Miniature” or “Sample” Size without additional products, shipping costs WILL be “partially” refunded.

🔷 Excellent for most skin types (especially balanced, mature or parched skin.) A nighttime oil.

♦️Marine Algae protects collagen for greater elasticity and firmer skin
♦️Absorbs instantly without leaving a greasy film
♦️Natural plant-derived peptides renew, hydrate and smooth the skin
♦️Papaya rejuvenates the skin leaving behind a radiant complexion
♦️Regenerates cell turnover and supports rebuilding collagen
♦️Potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and encourages collagen production
♦️Blue Tansy calms stressed skin.

Directions for Use: Gently shake before each use. Apply a few droplets on clean fingertips, warm by rubbing fingers together and massage gently onto freshly cleansed face and neck.

✔️Best used before bedtime so as to allow the serum to work with the body during the resting and re-cooperation state.

🌿 Natural ingredients may vary in color and consistency. This is an Oil based Serum

NOTE: Cloudiness and thickness in this serum are both normal occurrences.

INGREDIENTS: Rice Bran Oil, *Tsubaki (Camellia) Seed Oil, Olive Squalane, Papaya Oil, Shiso-Yo (Japanese Perilla Oil), *White Chia Oil,*Coconut Oil, *Jojoba Oil, , Blue Tansy, Jasminum Sambac, Vitamin E, Poris Cocos Mushroom, Marine Algae, Rice Ferment Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Pseudocollagen,

*Certified Organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Alcohol, Sulfate and Phthalate Free. Contains NO Parabens or Petrochemicals

✔️Those with NUT allergies should not use this product. Please check product ingredients for any known allergies before making a purchase to avoid an allergic reaction!


– Blue Tansy is native to Central Europe and is closely related to the Chamomile family. It contains azulenes known for its anti inflammatory properties as well as addressing skin ailments.

– Camellia Oil “Tsubaki” is a highly prized oil in Japan and a plant derived squalene which nourishes and supports the skin by rejuvenating and maintaining moisture in the skin and is known in Japan for being responsible for beautiful porcelain skin.

– Chia Seed Oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids and zinc and helps regenerate skin tissues and exceptional at nourishing stubborn skin issues from acne, psoriasis and eczema.

– Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the dermis, combines with water, and promotes microcirculation and nutrient absorption. It forms an air-permeable layer to help keep the skin moist and smooth. The result is rapid skin rejuvenation, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles

– Olive Squalene is known to lubricate the skin, preventing it from evaporation of moisture and support stye delivery of oxygen to skin cells. In addition, it helps to boost cellular regeneration and oxygenation, and is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aides in preventing formation of “age spots

– Papaya Oil is excellent for balancing oily skin and works as an exfoliant on dry areas. Papaya is often renowned for its ability to rejuvenate the skin due to its high content of Vitamin A which helps to reveal the next layer of the skin and exposes a radiant complexion.

– Poria Cocos Mushroom contains anti-inflammatory and calming properties which makes it beneficial for skin ailments.

– Pseudocollagen is yeast derived (plant based) and consists of a moisturizing complex of sugars and proteins. It has been demonstrated that Pseudocollagen has excellent moisture binding properties, making it especially suited as a soluble collagen replacement. In addition, the action of collagen imparts greater elasticity, thereby provides more resilience and a youthful look to skin.

– Rice Ferment (Peptides) has impressive collagen protecting properties and protects the skin from the collagen degrading effects by UV radiation and other skin irritants, thereby delaying early skin aging. In addition, Peptides competes with the bonds between dead cells at the surface of the skin. Skin renewal, hydration and smoothness are enhanced after using this peptide.

– Shiso-Yo (Japanese Perilla Oil) is extremely high in fatty acids which nourishes and helps retain moisture and extremely beneficial in helping treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Each CHIKYU product is made with purity in mind. Therefore, our products are made to order and handcrafted in small increments without the use of harmful toxic agents or chemically derived preservatives. CHIKYU’s Kagayakimasu “GLOW” will sustain a shelf life of no more than 6 months from the date it was made. Once your product is made, an expiration date will be provided.


NOTE: Skincare goes beyond good products. One must also be mindful of caring for oneself as a whole. This means eating good nutritious foods, exercise, wearing SUNSCREEN, and most importantly taking time out do be kind to oneself. This means, begin each day by looking in the mirror and saying something kind about yourself and treating your body and mind with respect for you are important! Ultimately, these actions will bring about radiance in ones life. Honor and respect yourself and through this process, others will soon follow ~

– Our bodies are 70% water. If we do not adequately hydrate the cells with this essential substance, cells cannot function properly. Drinking water brings nutrients to cells, removes toxins and waste and keeps the skin soft and subtle. So, you can have the greatest skincare regime in the world, but without hydrating yourself (along with practicing a healthy lifestyle), skincare products won’t make that much of a difference!

– Limit Sun Exposure. There is no greater joy than feeling the warmth of the sun upon our skin. Yet, it would behoove us to be mindful that early sun/UV exposure will cause premature aging. One of the most important routines one should practice is applying sunscreen before venturing outdoors. More importantly, cover up by wearing a large brimmed hat to protect your face. I can’t tell you how many times my mother would repeat this to me!

–Get plenty of rest. Your body heals itself during the resting state and does wonders for your complexion!

The information provided herein, on CHIKYU’s website, labels, and any other printed material are for educational purposes only. The statements on our website, labels and other printed material have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information provided by CHIKYU and CHIKYU’s products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Thank you for stopping by to visit CHIKYU! Have a marvelous day!

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Full Size 1 fl oz [$23.95], Trial/Travel Size .25 fl oz [$11.35], Sample Size 1.5 ml [$3.95]

40 reviews for Utsukushii “INDIGO Elixir” – Fortifying Night Oil

  1. Vanessa Perez

    Amazing! Reduced the redness in my cheeks instantly and softened my skin. My skin was glowing in the morning. This has a great scent as well. I really enjoyed the extra samples as well.

  2. Elizabeth Dedge

    My new favorite face serum.

  3. Rebecca Fernandez

    A little goes a long way! I use this after a clarifying oil at night and my skin has been so smooth and moisturized. I love it. I also got a few samples that I haven’t tried yet, but I love that they were included. I can’t wait to use them all!

  4. Monique

    Absolute silk, this oil… I’m lost for words. I’ve never used a product this smooth. A true luxury. The serum has a unique color and wonderful smell. Really though, I’m so stuck on how this oil just glides on your skin and sinks in. I’m so glad I blind purchased the full size because it’s well worth it. The samples are a treat and make returning to Chikyu very easy.

  5. amassey324

    Simply perfect! Can’t wait to finish this sample to order a full size

  6. binkeroo

    This is a wonderful product! It is definitely helping in my facial regimen. It makes my skin feel so soft and supple every morning. I will definitely be buying this facial oil again! ❤️

  7. She She

    I LOVE THIS FACE OIL SO MUCH!!! The smell is intoxicating and I love it! I pat it into my skin and whatever is left over in my fingers I pat it underneath my eye. It really took away the little crease line that I had under my eye. I love this so much.

  8. debdodge68

    Very nice face oil. Absorbs well and smells nice and clean

  9. L.A. Morgan

    I am addicted to this night face oil and don’t want to ever run out. Luckily my order arrived the day I ran out. Fabulous oil with a wonderful scent too.

  10. Mego9

    I love this so much on my face overnight and the scent is so relaxing.

  11. Mego9

    I love this so much on my face overnight and the scent is so relaxing.

  12. gold925pearl

    Amazing oil with awesome benefits. Does wonders at night leaving skin baby soft, and fresh to start the day. Scent is calming, and aromatic. Happy skin= very happy me, ty!

  13. minitrini1

    This Elixir is wonderful. I love the scent and how beautiful my face feels after I apply it. Nice packaging and super fast shipping. Thank you for the samples as well

  14. Lisa Sullivan

    Cannot live without this product! Place a few drops on your face before bedtime and wake up with super soft skin. I am convinced this also helps improve sleep as well!

  15. L.A. Morgan

    I was only out for 1 day with this great oil for night. I can’t live without this one. Fabulous for my aging and dry skin, and it smells wonderful too!

  16. Natalie Roache

    All the products I received are amazing, I saw immediate glow and hydration, and I look forward to see improvement in my melasma…I have used them for 2 days and skin lightening takes time. The creams and serums smell so good, and the texture feels great on the skin.

  17. Jennifer Ghigliotti

    I have extremely dry, sensitive skin… always have. These products actually moisturize the dry, scaly patches and leave my skin feeling soft and looking fresh, not greasy. To me the prices are very reasonable considering the quality. I will definitely be back to reorder.

  18. candicewhitefire

    A fabulous transaction and exceptionally well crafted skincare! While searching for a Blue Tansy serum, I was happy to find this.
    Everything, from the bottle shape- to the color and ingredients
    resonated with me. I could hardly wait for this to arrive and to
    begin using this lovely product. Lynn’s packaging was above and
    beyond and made me feel quite valued and special. It was
    the highlight of my day and I very much appreciate the lovely
    samples! I was heartwarmed and your work and dedication
    to your culture, craft and traditions is appreciated.
    Thank you! Bright blessings!

  19. Nataliya Dimitrova

    I got this as a Sample and loved it so much so I ordered the full size.
    I used to buy oils and mix them, like blue tansy ,Bulgarian Rose absolute and Jasmine but I am not a professional and I guess I don’t know how to use the right proportions. This night oil makes my skin soft, not oily, it smells good and I love the ingredients. This is really for customers who value high quality skin care. Thank you.

  20. Vannesa

    One of my favorites! Works very well on my skin and is soothing.

  21. DebsPickerSouL

    Nice product in quality trial dispenser. Lovely packaging with special extra touches that I really appreciate. Seller is extremely professional & thoughtful and I will return to this Shop!

  22. Michelle

    Got a sample with the cleansing oil and had to come back for it. The smell reminds me of gardenia, which is one of my favorites.

  23. Michelle

    Got a sample with the cleansing oil and had to come back for it. The smell reminds me of gardenia, which is one of my favorites.

  24. rchow

    LOVE this. It feels moisturizing, and yet light at the same time. But the thing that I can’t get over is that it smells like amazing jasmine tea. It makes me think of dim sum, which given the present circumstances, reminds me of a better time. Will definitely be repurchasing in the full size!

  25. springrain

    My face feels so pure and hydrated after I use the “utsukushii” oil, and I don’t feel greasy when I wake up. I love the smell of fresh jasmine flowers, but I don’t think this smells like that- it’s a bit more perfumey, but I think the results of the oil are worth it.

  26. Natalie

    I’m thrilled with my purchase! The product itself is superb, and the way the shop owner packaged my order was simply beautiful. 💗

  27. rchow

    Came back for a full size after getting my trial size and realizing that I was carefully metering how often I used it so as to not run out. So of course, came back for more.
    Amazing smell!

    I will never ever be without this. I am usually someone who tries something once and then wants to try new things. For me to come back really says something.

  28. homagetojackvintage

    Beautiful packaging, prompt delivery and oil smells lovely! It seems to help in hydrating my dry skin.
    Thank you!

  29. Heidi

    This is my favorite facial moisturizer! It smells is god too

  30. chana

    This stuff is AMAZING! If you’re an anxious customer, wondering “should I even buy this” the answer is YES. This stuff cleared my redness on my face within just an hour. Results are almost immediately. It makes my face feel like a baby again, but with some extra shine. She included a face cleanser and a mist aswell and those are a miracle too. This product is perfect as is. Thank you!

  31. 3p4t0x4gykxn6w3v

    I am SO , SO happy I discovered this shop!!
    Enough said.

  32. Heather

    It’s smells wonderful, almost like jasmine green tea and sinks in the skin pretty quickly. I would love a perfume or body oil that smells like this.

  33. Heather

    I am a happy repeat customer. The smell is intoxicating. It is a very green and herbal jasmine.

  34. Robyn

    What can I say about this product and the owner? I just absolutely love both. Exceptional quality and I have pretty high expectations 😉 so sweet to include thoughtful samples based on history of ordering. A few of Chikyu’s items will be forever staples in my vanity. Xox

  35. queenlalis

    Oh man! My skin drank this in! The smell is so relaxing too!

  36. queenlalis

    Repeat customer! Love all her products.

  37. Michelle

    Lovely as always. My favorite bedtime treat.

  38. Michelle

    One of my favorite parts of bedtime and my skin care regimen.

  39. LA

    I received a sample of this oil in my last order and I had to purchase a larger size. The oil is lightweight and very moisturizing, the scent is nice and pleasant. I use it over the mature skin toner and the combo is a winner 🏆. My skin glows in the morning, making me appear more refreshed than I actually am! I’ll definitely continue to purchase this amazing product!

  40. J

    Great natural product for the face.

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