TSUBAKI Complexion Mist

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TSUBAKI Complexion Mist “Collagen Booster & Skin Conditioner”

TSUBAKI Complexion Mist is an all in one management system formulated with Koshi rice water which has been used in my family for generations to cleanse and brighten the skin. TSUBAKI also contains an array of skin quenching ingredients and collagen boosting peptides to address fine lines, elasticity loss as well as provide necessary hydration and suppleness to the skin on the driest days.

Available Sizes:
8ml (Sample Size)
1oz (Travel w/atomizer)
4oz (Full Size w/reducer/cap)

📦 NOTE: If ordering a “Sample” or “Trial” Size without additional products, shipping costs WILL be partially refunded.

♦️Plant based Hyaluronic Acid plumps and restores the skin;
♦️Banana Extract keeps the skin moist;
♦️Sake softens the skin;
♦️Koshi Rice promotes healthy glowing complexion;
♦️Lebanese Rose Reduces Redness and Inflammation;
♦️Will Not Clog Pores;
♦️Rice Ferment and Plant Peptides improve skins elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines;

🌿 Natural ingredients may vary in color. In addition, this Mist is made with the highest percentage of botanical and mineral actives, so it will need to be shaken before each use.

Directions: SHAKE WELL before each use to mix botanicals and minerals. After cleansing face, apply Tsubaki to face (avoiding eye area). Pat face with hands to circulate blood flow. Allow face to air dry before applying another product. May be used throughout the day.

Ingredients: *Lebanese Rose Hydrosol, *Camellia (Tsubaki Oil),Koshi Rice Water, Rice Ferment Peptides, Yarrow Extract, Licorice Root, Burdock Root, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Olive Leave Extract, Rooibos Leaf Extract, White Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract, MSM, Banana Extract, Plant Based peptides, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid (Plant Based), Sake, Natapress (Radish Root, Honeysuckle & Aspen Extract)

Note: May be refrigerated to extend shelf life, or for a cool refreshing spritzer!

*Certified Organic Ingredients, Vegan, NO GMO’s, Gluten Parabens, Phthalates or Petrochemicals.

✔️Please check product ingredients for any known allergies before making a purchase to avoid allergic reaction. Remember, only you know your body!


– Banana Extract is known to be rich in potassium and vitamin A and is excellent in hydrating and softening the skin.

– Koshi Rice Water is used in Japan as and a traditional way to cleanse the face and to brighten the skin.

– Lebanese Rose Water is a natural humectant and mild astringent with natural pH properties which balance the skin.

– MSM has been present in the oceans, soil, and atmosphere of the Earth for eons. Organic sulfur (MSM) occurs naturally in the human body. It actually makes up 5% of the human body and is essential for every organ, cell, tissue, hormone, enzyme, antibody, and function found in the body. This whole food is a beautifying mineral, and contributes skin renewal and health.

– Plant Peptides are vegetable derived from Non GMO Corn, Non GMO Wheat and Non GMO Soy Proteins. It augments the free amino acids naturally present in the skin and synergistically works to restore cellular growth thereby promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin.

– Sake is a long-held Japanese beauty regimen which uses sake in baths to achieve moisturized, flawless and even skin. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, sake is used to smooth, soften and protect the skin. The high levels of naturally created amino acids in sake are aimed at moisturizing and protecting the skin without irritation.

– Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. As the natural aging process and environmental hazards increase the amount of free radicals in the skin, ascorbic acid and its derivatives can effectively neutralize these damaging agents and prevent further damage. Ascorbic acid has been shown to increase the synthesis of collagen in the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to block the melanin synthesis pathway, reducing age spots and lightening skin.

Each CHIKYU product is made with purity in mind. Therefore, our products are made to order and handcrafted in small increments without the use of harmful toxic agents or chemically derived preservatives. CHIKYU’s Tsubaki Complexion Mist will sustain a shelf life of no more than 3 months from the date it was made. This product may be refrigerated to sustain longevity. Once your product is made, an expiration date will be provided.

♻️ When finished with product, please reuse, or recycle glass bottle.

The information provided herein, on CHIKYU’s website, labels, and any other printed material are for educational purposes only. The statements on our website, labels and other printed material have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information provided by CHIKYU and CHIKYU’s products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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w/reducer/cap 4 fl oz [$17.95], w/atomizer 2 fl oz [$9.95], Sample Size 8 ml [$3.95]

21 reviews for TSUBAKI Complexion Mist

  1. Candace Michelle

    Very refreshing for my face! Gives it a healthy glow!

  2. Tessa

    Perfectly packaged and great products! I will be back!!

  3. smithsaisha1

    This mist spray feels so refreshing on my skin and has improved my skin complexion.

  4. Dawn Merriman

    Delivery is always very quick and I love all the products I have bought so far. I have nothing but great things to say!

  5. Vanessa Perez

    Feels so refreshing and softens my skin. Thank you for making excellent products and for being so generous with your samples. Shipping is always on time and fast, plus I adore the heartfelt note with my order.

  6. sbhmann

    I have been buying from Chikyu for a few years now and am always happy with my purchases! I absolutely love her products and know they are made from top-quality products.

  7. indigogirl

    My skin has really been enjoying this toner. I rotate it out with a second one that I like and it works great! Lovely scent too.

  8. Remi

    This product smells incredible and it leaves my skin so soft! Lynn, the owner, is seriously the best. Thank you so much for your little complimentary gift. Your incredible products are enough to keep me coming back over and over (as well as recommending your shop to everyone I know) but you being so amazing just makes me want to continue to support you. You’re the best! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  9. springrain

    Smells wonderful, feels nice on the skin

  10. ApeerilRose

    I love the way it feels on my skin, and has a great scent

  11. Shavonne

    The title of this product, is right on! I enjoy this very much!

  12. Elizabeth

    Smells great, and the container is beautiful. I always appreciate my products (and samples) from Chikyu!

  13. Elizabeth

    Smells great, and the container is beautiful. I always appreciate my products (and samples) from Chikyu!

  14. springrain

    love the Tsubaki Complexion Mist. I use it like a toner, and it’s cleansing and moisturizing.

  15. cnpurcel

    I love shopping with Chikyu! Lynn is so kind and puts so much care into her products and service. I have very sensitive skin and have tried so many facial mists. This is the only one that doesn’t cause me to breakout. It gives such a nice, natural glow. I’ve used it for several weeks now and have noticed such a difference with my skin!

  16. l2donahue4

    Lynn is so generous with her samples that come with every order. This Complexion Mist was in my last order as a sample, and I love it. So, I ordered the full size.

  17. moe

    Since I started using this line of products, I’ve branched out to try things I never would have.
    This is a definite keeper

  18. Elizabeth

    I am in love with every single product I have used so far! I originally bought a selection of toners to use with my other skincare routine, but now I am going to switch fully to Chikyu for all of my skincare needs! Amazing products, quality ingredients and customer service is top notch. Thank you for everything!

  19. Jessica

    This toner so far seems to be amazing! I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m not having any irritation. Shipping was super fast and the extra samples were a nice surprise! I will definitely buy from this seller again! Thank you!

  20. Laura lyn

    Cannot say enough wonderful things about all of the Chikyu products. Love this collagen spray/toner!

  21. SMW

    Refreshing for my skin, and my inner being. Awesome! Thanks for the samples. I appreciate!

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