Nourish Face Cream for Oily/Blemished Skin

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Nourish Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily/Blemished Skin

A common complaint from those who have oily and acne prone skin is the difficulty in finding a non-comedogenic moisturizer that will provide moisture, without exacerbating underlying skin conditions or provoke further breakouts. Because the skin desperately needs protection against trans-epidermal water loss, it is vital for the skin to retain moisture in order to minimize breakouts and keep inflammation controlled. Unfortunately many over the counter moisturizers contain comedogenic ingredients which clog pores, drying agents or, are oil-free formulations that do not use hydrators containing rich beneficial oils will actually help to reduce sebum production and alleviate breakouts.

Nourish Moisturizing Face Cream was created specifically for those with oily and blemished skin. This fortified moisturizing face cream contains a plethora of minerals, vitamins and a beloved herbs with properties known to benefit problematic skin by way of purifying (killing bacteria), reducing inflammation, stimulating cell renewal and more importantly allowing skin to retain moisture without clogging pores. Your skin will be left nourished and incredibly soft!

♦️Excellent for Oily/Blemished Skin;
♦️Aides in Reducing Inflammation;
♦️Purifies and Detoxifies Skin;
♦️Non greasy and readily absorbed into the skin;
♦️Moisturizes without Clogging Pores ;
♦️Stimulates Cell Renewal;
♦️Lightens Discoloration; and
♦️Soothes Skin

📢 Because Nourish Moisturizing Cream contains Turmeric, it will have a slightly yellow hue to it. In addition, because Chikyu refrains from using fragrances to disguise the natural state of its products it WILL have an herbal and earthy scent to it.

Directions: After cleansing face, apply all over face, neck and decollate, or specifically needed areas. May be used during day or night.


*Aloe Vera Extract, *Lavender Extract, *Gotu Kola, *Horsetail, *Geranium, *Dandelion, Jojoba Oil, *Turmeric, *Licorice Root, *Comfrey ESO, *Goldenseal, *Thyme, *Oats, *Echinancea, Melissa ESO, *Sage, *Propolis, Sandalwood ESO, Geranium ESO, *Vegetable Glycerin, *NonGMO Soy Lecithin, Natapress (Honeysuckle, Radish Root Ferment, Aspen Bark)

*Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free and Alcohol, NO Parabens or Phthalates or Petrochemicals.


-*Aloe Vera Extract is an excellent moisturizer, skin protectant and known humectant.

-*Comfrey is an herb which has been used for its astringent, demuculent and cell proliferating properties since 400 BC. Comfrey supports rapid repair, soothes inflammation and promotes healthy skin.

-*Dandelion contains highly revered antioxidants, preventing the degeneration of skin cells and free radical damage.

-*Echinacea Root has been a sacred herb among Native Americans and used for many ailments. Because it contains polysaccharides, fatty acids and glycosides, it is useful in cases of purification. Within the last twenty years extensive research has been done showing that Echinacea has an antibiotic cortisone like property, and assists in the healing of the synovial membrane, supports collagen through hyaluronic acid protection while promoting wound healing.

-*Geranium is traditionally known for it’s antibacterial properties and for combating an array of skin ailments, especially acne.

-*Goldenseal contains active compounds with have been known for its antimicrobial properties one of which promotes healthy skin.

-*Goto Kola is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is known for stimulating collagen and glycosam­inoglycan synthesis thereby promoting healthy skin and helps reduce skin irritation.

-*Horsetail contains high levels of silicon, which promotes the elasticity of the connective tissues and helps soften the appearance of deep lines.

– Jojoba Oil non-comedogenic and extremely nourishing and contains high levels of Vitamin E.

-*Lavender is a versital herb and has been used since ancient times. It is held in high esteem for its many therapeutic properties especially in relieving inflammation as well as treating acne, wounds and sores.

– Licorice Root Extract is shown to be an effective and potent skin-lightener that contains liquiritin and glabridin, which disrupt melanin synthesis of the skin. In turn, it is said to decrease signs of hyper-pig­mentation.

-*Oats are particularly rich in Vitamin B and high in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is a very soothing herb in the case of skin irritations and proven to aide in combating acne.

-*Sage is an herb that has been servicing mankind since ancient times. The Native Americans used Sage as a salve which was mixed with bear grease and used for healing skin sores and because of its powerful antioxidant properties it has been tone to aide in shrinking inflamed tissues, cleanse sores and skin eruptions.

-*Turmeric is widely known for amazing astringent and antiseptic properites. Moreover, it is an effective anti-inflammatory making it particularly useful as an external oil or liniment for treating inflammation.

-*Thyme is a valuable herb reputed for it’s powerful antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and much more. When it comes to treating skin ailments, the benefits of using Thyme is endless.

Each CHIKYU product is made with purity in mind. Therefore, products are made to order and handcrafted in small increments without the use of harmful toxic agents or chemically derived preservatives. Nourish Moisturizing Face Cream will sustain a shelf life of no more than 3 months from the date it was made. Once your product is made, an expiration date will be provided. Best stored away from direct sunlight.

♻️ When finished with product, please reuse, or recycle glass jar!

Thank you for stopping by to visit CHIKYU! Have a marvelous day!

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Full Size 1 fl oz [$19.95], Trial/Travel Size .25 fl oz [$9.35], Sample Size 1.5 ml [$3.95]

34 reviews for Nourish Face Cream for Oily/Blemished Skin

  1. charchez

    Another great face cream that doesn’t feel heavy on the face. I use this after I have been in the garden. And my face always feels fresh after use.

  2. lilbex93

    This is a fantastic moisturizer for people with oily skin like me. I love the gel/cream-like texture! Definitely repurchasing.

  3. maryjaneville

    Absolutely love this facial moisturizer!

  4. karolyn richards

    My skin felt soft after i used it. No issues with dry skin. Great product.

  5. Ashley O.

    My order came beautifully wrapped with a few generously sized samples (which are lovely!). I was immediately excited to care for my skin with the products received, especially after seeing how much care the owner had put into the products and packaging. I tried this product after using other moisturizers that fell short of my needs. After using this moisturizer for some time, I can say that I am very happy with it!! I don’t feel like an oil slick and I haven’t experienced any breakouts as a result of using this product. I really enjoy putting this product on day and night, and especially love the rich, yet bouncy texture of it. It keeps my skin nicely moisturized and I feel it balances my oil-production throughout the day. Thank you!

  6. Nessie3P

    Nicely formulated with a light consistency. My skin felt very soft but hydrated without any tackiness or oiliness. It has a pleasant scent and I don’t need to use much.

  7. Nessie3P

    Nicely formulated with a light consistency. My skin felt very soft but hydrated without any tackiness or oiliness. It has a pleasant scent and I don’t need to use much.

  8. viktoria

    Beautiful packaging and quick shipping. One of the few moisturizers that makes my face feel good and does not add any extra “oil”!

  9. angie almanza

    Love this. I had recieved it in sample size in another order previously, and i didnt use it at first because i was hesitant about lotions because ive tried so many on my oily acne face. When i decided to use it i just couldnt stop, i dont need too much. Just a couple dots around my face and ill be hydrated, but not to where it shows or makes me like a an b oil field. Its just the right amount of hydration i need. So i decided to buy the full size because i ran out of the sample. Oh and im really picky about the ingredients i put on my face, and this lotion has really nice potion to it. Thank you.

  10. TheAntHero

    Another sample that got me hooked. My skin loves this stuff! This in the morning and her oil at night. Perfection.

  11. monika79

    Very pleasant texture, light but nourishing, not oily. Beautiful packaging with a personal note. Free samples very much appreciated. The most wonderful seller. Super fast shipping.

  12. Jen

    I have tried several products from Chikyu, and they are all FANTASTIC! The nourishing face cream is my favorite. The texture is creamy, it absorbs quickly, it feels so refreshing, and my skin loves it! I use is day and night. On top of the amazing products, the owner, Lynn, is a sweetheart. There is so much care and love in the packaging, and she always includes generous samples to try out. I’ll keep coming back!

    Lynn – You’ll be nearly a one-stop shop for me if you add a Glycolic acid body lotion, beeswax-free lip balm, and blemish spot treatment gel to your collection 😀

  13. lisa c.

    ‘Nourish’ is a great light-textured moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and easily into the skin and can be used during the day, as it does not disturb your foundation/bb cream. I’m about to re-order; this cream is so perfect for combination/oily skin!

  14. yen nguyen

    It’s a great moisturizer for acne sensitive skin. My face is so sensitive that moisturizer was never an option. This one is great. It’s light, but did a good job on moisturizing my skin and calming my break out.

  15. Candace Michelle

    Loving this face moisturizer! I will be back for a larger size soon!

  16. Stephanie

    I received the 1.5 mL sample in a recent order and absolutely love this moisturizer. I have oily skin in my t-zone and normal on the rest of my face. I find this is perfect as a daytime cream, but doesn’t offer enough for me to use at night. I tried it once that way and needed to layer another moisturizer on top.

  17. Candace Michelle

    Finally purchased this in the 1oz jar! My face loves this moisturizer!

  18. Candace Michelle

    This is the best moisturizer I have ever used on my face! I will forever be a repeat customer for it!

  19. jaeggerpendoley

    My favorite moisturizer of all time! Beyond luxurious ingredients, that feed the skin. Nothing that clogs my pores. Just utter perfection. ❤️

  20. Karen Woolley

    I absolutely love this face cream and as soon as my (generously sized) sample runs out I’m buying a bigger one! A little goes a long way and I can wear it night or day because it isn’t greasy.

  21. finni

    Feels super moisturizing and feels like its actually working!

  22. julielockhart41

    I really wanted to love this. But unfortunately is was too oily for my skin. I have very picky skin and moisturizers that work and din’t leave residue are a problem for me to find.
    On the upside, the customer service was fantastic and it shipped nearly right away.
    And don’t get me wrong, for most oily skin girls this is probably a lovely cream. My picky skin just didn’t like it.

  23. Jenna Masters

    I love this so much, I orginally got it as a sample but once I ran out I had to get more! A little goes a long way which is really nice and will help me make it last over a longer period of time. I absolutely love how quickly it sinks into my skin and leaves my skin feeling moisturized in a non greasy sort of way!

  24. Kristy Newett

    I have purchased so many of her products and they are all amazing. I am a repeat buyer which says a lot for me!!

  25. Sha Gaines

    As someone with dehydrated, acne-prone, blemished skin, this moisturizer is wonderful. This creme is diminishing my blemishes while providing hydration to my skin. Plus, no acne flare-ups have occurred since using this…yeah I’m definitely purchasing the full-size jar. Oh, the packaging my items arrived in is top-notch, not mention the customer service. Keep up the fantastic work! You have made me a customer for life.

  26. phantomshadowed1

    Love it! This is my third time buying it. Also my sample this time was the Twilight sleeping mask, and so far I’ve only used it once so I may come back to update this later. Fantastic shop, excellent, affordable products, Lynn is amazing, and she ships your order out quickly.

  27. Erin

    I like how lite the moisturizer is, but I just needed a little more hydration

  28. Angie

    Love it! ❤️

  29. Antoinette Mason

    Love this product..along with a facial wash for oily skin and received two samples and the packaging is so adorable that keep the products in it. Ordering again

  30. delanie

    Always good stuff! Thank you!

  31. jayla

    I can confidently leave this review and I bought the sample to this full-size a while ago. It lasted me so long and it works so well on my face! It smells amazing, applies so well, and you only need a small amount! It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily after applications and I LOVE THAT!!! <3 so beyond pleased with this shop!

  32. Autumn

    Bought this in the sample size and it only lasted me a couple days — but I ended up loving it! Decided to purchase the larger size because it helped my oily skin so much!

  33. Angie

    Love this product so much! It has greatly helped clear up the hormonal acne on my chin/neck. I use this with the Rescue toner and cleansing milk. Love the combo of these products!

  34. Megan

    Love this moisturizer for my acne prone skin! It’s also so wonderful to open my package and see all the free samples to try! Highly recommend this shop 🙂

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