Facial Serum (Oily/Blemished Skin)

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Facial Serum for Oily and Blemished Skin

CHIKYU’s Facial Serum for Oily/Blemished Skin is made with the finest ingredients to assist in combating the over production of sebum while at the same time, keeping the skin neutralized. Key ingredients such as Rosehip Oil aide in cell regeneration for scar tissue and blemishes and Tamanu Oil and Wild Ravensara are known for there antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Tamanu Oil contains phospholipids and glycolipids, which are natural constituents of healthy skin and are excellent when combating a variety of skin ailments and prevent scarring. When Tamanu Oil and Wild Ravensara are combined together with Lemongrass, an invigorating acne fighting antiseptic is born!

*Note: Because oils contain smaller molecules, serums are one of the most effective skincare products because of there ability to penetrate deeper into the skin therefore providing better and longer lasting results.

**Note: Most people with oily skin tend to believe that drying out the skin is the best way to control sebum production and prevent breakouts. Unfortunately this is far from true! Drying out skin often leads to more sebum production, thereby provoking excess sebum production which can lead to breakouts and many other skin conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the skin moisturized with pure ingredients to maintain healthy, balanced skin.

Size: 1oz (Full Size)

.25oz (Trial/Travel Size)

1.5 ml (Sample Size)

Directions: Gently shake before each use. Apply a few droplets on clean fingertips and massage gently onto freshly cleaned face. Avoid applying around the eye area as it can irritate the eyes.

✔️Best used before bedtime so as to allow the serum to work with the body during its resting and re-cooperation state.

NOTE: Cloudiness and thickness in this serum are both normal occurrences.

INGREDIENTS: Meadowfoam Seed Oil,*Tamanu Oil, *Argan Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Aloe Vera, *Lemongrass Essential Oil, *Wild Ravensara, Rosehip Oil, Pseudocollagen, Multifruit BSC

*Organic, 100% Vegan and Gluten Free; Contains NO GMO’s, Alcohol, Parabens, Phthalates or Petrochemicals

NOTE: Because CHIKYU does not believe in disguising the natural scent our skincare products with fragrances, this product will have a mild earthy scent with a hint of lemon.

☀️ Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product.

✔️Please check product ingredients for any known allergies before making a purchase to avoid allergic reaction! Remember, only you know your body!

✔️ NOTE: Persons with NUT allergies should not use this product.

Each CHIKYU product is made with purity in mind. Therefore, our products are made to order and handcrafted in small increments without the use of harmful toxic agents or chemically derived preservatives. CHIKYU Facial Serum will sustain a shelf life of no more than 6 months from the date it was made. Once your product is made, an expiration date will be provided.


NOTE: Skincare goes beyond good products. One must also be mindful of caring for oneself as a whole. This means eating good nutritious foods, exercise, wearing SUNSCREEN, and most importantly taking time out do be kind to oneself. This means, begin each day by looking in the mirror and saying something kind about yourself and treating your body and mind with respect for you are important! Ultimately, these actions will bring about radiance in ones life. Honor and respect yourself and through this process, others will soon follow ~

– Our bodies are 70% water. If we do not adequately hydrate the cells with this essential substance, cells cannot function properly. Drinking water brings nutrients to cells, removes toxins and waste and keeps the skin soft and subtle. So, you can have the greatest skincare regime in the world, but without hydrating yourself (along with practicing a healthy lifestyle), skincare products won’t make that much of a difference!

– Limit Sun Exposure. There is no greater joy than feeling the warmth of the sun upon our skin. Yet, it would behoove us to be mindful that early sun/UV exposure will cause premature aging. One of the most important routines one should practice is applying sunscreen before venturing outdoors. More importantly, cover up by wearing sunglasses and a large brimmed hat to protect your face. I can’t tell you how many times my mother would repeat this to me!

– Try to get plenty of rest. Your body heals itself during its resting state and does wonders for your complexion!

The information provided herein, on CHIKYU’s website, labels, and any other printed material are for educational purposes only. The statements on our website, labels and other printed material have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information provided by CHIKYU and CHIKYU’s products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Thank you for Stopping by to visit CHIKYU! Have a marvelous day!

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Full Size 1 fl oz [$20.35], Trial/Travel Size .25 fl oz [$9.95], Sample Size 1.5 ml [$3.95]

32 reviews for Facial Serum (Oily/Blemished Skin)

  1. LilFoot

    This serum is amazing for my oily skin. I wear it at night and my fave doesn’t wake up greasy. I have very oily skin and this did not make me break out. Love!

  2. britjoellejones

    I am a return customer. A forever with Lynn, Chikyu and the products! Everything is just wonderful. I have my favorites over others but all of them are great! My face is doing so wonderful and I love how natural the products are. I don’t love all the smells but they do not bother me because I would rather have all natural then fake “smell good” fragrances. My spouse even noticed a difference in my skin and gave me a complement. I have never had a complement on my skin!!!! I love myself more now even without makeup I feel beautiful! Thank you so much Lynn for all your help and advice

  3. Julie Scholten

    Love Everything I have received from this shop! Thank you so much!

  4. Jan Nanamx

    My latest purchase was beginning a good facial cleansing routine for my Grandson as he has hit that age but we are catching things early. Lynn is extremely knowledgable and shares that knowledge so her customers understand her recommendations and use the correct products. She packages everything beautifully as well.

  5. Jackie Baeza

    Beautiful packaging, shipping so fast, 2 extra samples and 2 pieces of candy… I mean, can it get any better than that? Hands down, THE best shop I’ve encountered here. However, I have yet to try the products (I just got so excited upon opening the package I had to share that asap) *fingers crossed the products won’t break me out*

  6. TheAntHero

    Can’t say enough good things about this shop! I am a chronic changer when it comes to my skincare regimen. No more!! This oil is my holy grail. Never before have I felt this way about any product. I normally always breakout around chin and forehead esp around that time…but my skin has been incredibly clear since I’ve used this. Also love the granules I use a few times a week. And beyond these fabulous products is a lovely person! Even wished me well through the recent foul weather in Texas. And free samples don’t hurt either! (Free sample was how I first tried this oil).

  7. mkelseyroberts

    I use this stuff every night, and I wake up feeling like my skin has spent all night healing. Wonderful product.

  8. d .

    Works well, def for oily skin, as it can be a bit too harsh for normal/not oily skin types like my sister has. Would buy again.

  9. viktoria

    Earthy but smells better than some other products. Not sure about effectiveness, having hormonal issues right now.

  10. TheAntHero

    My first holy grail. I’ve been using it for over a year and my dry/acne-prone skin still loves it. Not to mention the lovely packaging and sweet notes. Love this seller and all the products I’ve tried (esp this one)!!

  11. mirandanicole721

    Seriously, what is in this serum? I have tried countless acne creams, medications, and remedies since I was diagnosed with PCOS. The condition comes with hormonal acne. Nothing has even come close to the results that I have gotten with this serum. My face is the clearest it has been in a very long time. Thank you. Thank you! I look forward to trying my other samples and buying more products from this shop.

  12. Brianna Lambries

    I ordered 2 samples, one facial toner and one facial serum, but the seller also included a sample dash wash, and another brightening facial serum. Shipping was very fast, and packaging was very nice and cute. Everything smelled so nice. I’ve used the facial serum and it left my face feeling nice, and not oily.

  13. tachyj17

    Love this oil. Have combination skin and this actually helps control the oil for the most part. (Still some shine mid day). Smell is not over powering.good moisturizer.repurchase!

  14. monika79

    Definitely healing my skin. I like the earthy smell. Beautiful packaging with a personal note. Free samples very much appreciated. The most wonderful seller. Super fast shipping.

  15. monika79

    How could I live without this serum? I first bought a sample size which was tiny but surprisingly lasted for a week and after that week I saw quite an improvement so I bought full size now. I’ve been shopping on Etsy for several years and this the only shop I keep returning to. Packaging is always beautiful with a personal note. Free samples very much appreciated. The most wonderful seller. Super fast shipping. THANK YOU LYNN!

  16. Mary Hammond

    This has been helping to clear up my face. This might be my new go to oil moisturizer and I can’t wait to try all the samples!

  17. tachyj17

    Great night moisturizer. Was using argain oil while rotating olive oil before but now this is what i use at night. Too heavy for daytime use,so i still use argain oil

  18. lisa c.

    This serum is a great for nighttime. It really helps to balance the skin—my normally very oily/combination skin produces much less oil during the day since I’ve been using this at night. It feels very luxurious + nutritious when you apply it. The smell is addictive too.

  19. Kenzie Flickinger

    I have been using this for a week and WOW, has it ever helped balance out my hormonal acne along my jawline! It’s so moisturizing while balancing out the oiliness of those areas, allowing my skin to heal overnight! I can’t wait to see how my skin is after continued use of this!

  20. MacKenzie Flickinger

    Definitely need to get a full-size of this! I love it so much!

  21. Candace Michelle

    Keeps my face smooth and blemish free! It also eliminates the shine from oil!

  22. Chella

    I have PCOS skin and really liked the sample so I got a big bottle. I was lucky enough to not have a transitional breakout and havent had any cysts in about a month so thus far I love this oil. This scent is earthy wet mulchy heaven.

  23. Anastasia

    Since I have started using this serum I didn’t have any cystic acne brake outs and my blemishes are visibly disappearing. It evens my skin too. What a relief and life saver for me!!!! I can’t thank Lynn enough.

  24. Justine Young

    I absolutely love this oil, I’ve been using it for over a year now! My skin always feels really hydrated and doesn’t breakout anymore.

  25. Stephanie

    THIS SERUM IS A MIRACLE! Lynn is a dream to work with! She went above & beyond to learn about my particular skin issues & recommend products that would help me. I recently had a breakout on my chin of very painful, cystic acne. Lynn was so kind & knowledgeable, I felt like I was buying from a friend. My face healed so much the 1st night I applied this serum & it keeps getting healthier everyday. I’m so grateful I came across these amazing skincare products. LYNN, I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR GIVING ME MY SELF CONFIDENCE BACK!

  26. Tiffaine

    I used this with the troubled skin toner. I love the smell, the oil is so thick and absorbs into my skin very well. I use it morning and night. I’m not sure if it’s clearing my acne yet but i have high hopes. i love tamau. Also it doesn’t have tea tree!!! literally the first acne product on here that doesn’t bathe in it, and of course it’s by the lynn. i absolutely hate tea tree.

  27. 2donahue4

    I received this first as a trial and have found that it truly helps with acne cysts/clogged pores. Nothing has ever really worked before and I’ve been told by dermatologists that you can’t really get rid of these. I beg to differ! Thanks, Lynn

  28. krys

    Great facial serum, smells amazing and goes on light and gentle but very effective in calming down breakouts and other sensitive skin irritations… definitely recommend!

    Ohh and I got a sample of the sea mineral face wash… talk about smooth results it’s gentle but very effective in removing impurities

  29. Jessy

    Absolutely loved the serum and cream! Definitely going to buy the full size now! Seller included a thoughtful extra sample, but sadly I’m allergic to tea tree so I couldn’t try it. Products were very high quality and had a very nice smell!

  30. Shimeka

    Liquid gold in this bottle!!!! I bought a sample because I was a little skeptical (honest moment ) at first,but OMG PEOPLE if you have any skin issues look no further!!! This is the product for you!!! I have a newfound go to product!!! Thank youuu CHIKYU!!!!!!

  31. Natalie

    This serum is great! I have loved everything that I have tried from this shop – but this one definitely seems to help with calming down my skin when I have hormonal breakouts or “maskne.

  32. Emma

    This facial oil is absolutely lovely. I’ve noticed a clear difference in the overall balance of my skin since using Chikyu products and this is one of my favorites- it’s moisturizing but still feels like it helps clear breakouts and blemishes. It doesn’t leave your skin oily or shiny but feels like it really soaks in. My skin tone is more even and I have fewer angry red blemishes. The few I get go away more quickly and don’t turn into large painful bumps. Highly recommend if you’re at the end of your wits with adult acne and want an affordable option!

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