KINSENKA “Marigold” Moisture Retention Face Cream

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KINSENKA “Marigold” Moisture Retention Face Cream

KINSENKA is a lavish, sumptuous cream that melts into your skin leaving it silky soft. This decadent cream is superbly rich and specifically created to comfort the skin by supplying deep hydration as well as moisture retention to skin experiencing dehydration and dryness. Restore, hydrate and renew your natural radiance!

🎒 NOTE: If ordering a “Trial/Miniature” or “Sample” Size without additional products, shipping costs WILL be “partially” refunded.

🔷 Best Suited for Dry Skin

♦️Marine Algae protects collagen for greater elasticity and firmer skin;
♦️Marigold Oil is excellent for its regenerating and skin softening properties;
♦️Contains antioxidant rich Green Tea;
♦️High concentrate of plant peptides to renew, hydrate and smooth the skin;
♦️Non greasy and readily absorbed into the skin;
♦️Vitamins infuse the skin while Baobab Oil, Babassu Oil and a dash of Shea provide long-lasting hydration;
♦️Envelops skin while protecting its barrier;
♦️Soothes and leaves skin incredibly soft

Directions: Massage fingertip amount to freshly cleansed face massaging using upward strokes.

INGREDIENTS: *Green Tea Extract, *Marigold Oil (Infused with*cold pressed Olive Oil), *Helichrysum Extract, *Babassu Oil, *Baobab Oil, *Coconut Oil, *Sunflower Seed Oil, *Hibiscus Hydrosol, *Ginseng, Olive Squaline, Plant Peptides, *Castor Oil, *Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Plant Based Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Algae, Vegetable Glycerin, Radish Root Ferment, Red Clover

*Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free and Alcohol, NO Parabens or Phthalates or Petrochemicals.


-Babassu Oil is a great emollient beneficial for both dry and oily skin. It gently moisturizes the skin without contributing to an oily sheen

– Baobab seed oil is a highly moisturizing and skin smoothing therapeutic. It is rich in fatty acids, particularly linoleic [omega-6] and oleic [omega-9] acids. These fatty acids help restore the barrier function of skin, especially thin, aged skin. Baobab seed oil also contains healthy vitamins A, D, E, and F that rejuvenate skin. In addition to moisturizing, baobab seed oil aids in wound healing, collagen production, sun damage protection and repair, and can prevent wrinkles. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. Overall, baobab seed oil can improve the softness and strength of all skin types, even irritated skin.

– *Green Tea Extract a natural antioxidant in the tannin family and is rich in polyphenols, which have potent antioxidant properties. A potent antioxidant shown to neutralize free radicals generated from inflammation and sun damage.

– Helichrysum Essential Oil is extremely respected for its skin healing properties, older sun-damaged skin and its ability to filter UV rays.

– *Hibiscus Hydrosol exhibits great antioxidants and is known help improve skins elasticity and firmness.

– Hyaluronic Acid – When hyaluronic acid is applied back to the skin, it penetrates the dermis, combines with water, and promotes microcirculation and nutrient absorption. It forms an air-permeable layer to help keep the skin moist and smooth. The result is rapid skin rejuvenation, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

– Marigolds have long been recognized for its excellent regenerating and skin softening properties. Chikyu’s golden marigolds are infused in pure extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and allowed to steep for six months so as to allow for a more potent and robust oil.

– Phyto Peptide Complex includes a range of plant based peptides (Rice, Soy, Oats, Apple and Edelweiss) designed to reach, stimulate, inhibit or compete with specific targets to achieve more beautiful, radiant skin and youthful appearance.

– Pseudo collagen is a plant based yeast collagen which supports prematurely aged skin and skin which has lost structure and elasticity by assisting in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

– Shea Butter is known as “skins superfood,” and used for centuries by women of many cultures to nourish their skin.

Each CHIKYU product is made with purity in mind. Therefore, products are made to order and handcrafted in small increments without the use of harmful toxic agents or chemically derived preservatives. KINSENKA Face Cream will sustain a shelf life of no more than 3 months from the date it was made. Once your product is made, an expiration date will be provided. Best stored away from direct sunlight.

♻️ When finished with product, please reuse, or recycle glass jar!

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4 reviews for KINSENKA “Marigold” Moisture Retention Face Cream

  1. Dirtybootz

    I adore this moisturizer, and I’ve sampled many from Chikyu. It has greatly helped a breakout of eczema on my face. Very moisturizing and calming.

  2. prowlersmom

    Makes my face feel so wonderful and soft. With these winter months and the dry weather thisproduct takes care of the dryness and beyond! A+!

  3. Vanessa

    My face was getting flaky and dry in some areas and this was helpful in providing moisture. It doesn’t feel greasy but absorbed well. I am very happy and will get a bigger size next time.

  4. yorkiebaby52395

    Suffer with extreme redness and irritation but this product made my skin bright and hydrated without any irritation. Just ordered the full size! Thanks Lynn!

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